Welcome to Alive Beauty Company!
My simple philosophy is that coloring, styling, skin and hair treatments do not have to be unnatural or harmful to be beautiful. It is, in fact, the opposite and what is good for the earth and your body will resonate through your appearance. I have dedicated my work, as a stylist and business owner, to being one of the few salons in Colorado Springs, Colorado to to be “chemically clean.”
“Beauty is the radiance of truth & fragrance of goodness .”                     
-Vincent McNabb
My passion and goal is to nurture and educate each individual that walks through the door, caring for each of customer, and protecting clients from dangerous products and chemicals. Thus, safeguarding our health and our earth. My promise is to only represent companies who embrace pure, “chemically clean” ingredients, and fully disclose all ingredients. These are companies who are committed to our health with respect for us, our hair, our skin, our body and our environment.” 
-Be beautiful.
-Be kind.
-Be alive 
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