What are Ria’s wonderful clients saying?
“Good morning Ria. I just wanted to tell you how much I love Kiersten’s haircut. She is so ornery when we’re with you, but she’s so happy with it. Its cute and easy, and as much as we loved the asymmetrical, I think she likes this even more. You are so good at your job and so gracious with ornery kids – and their moms.” ~Anne Marie
2/19/18- “Loving my hair longer! I can’t believe it I’m not even fighting the cowlicks! Thank you Ria.” ~Laurel
2/15/18 “Love the cut!! It’s just me…I’m a short haired, sassy kind of gal!! Lol… Thanks for checking in and thank you for taking me so quickly to give me a cut I just love…hope you have a good rest of the week……Ria, you are a blessing!! <3” ~Jill
2/14/18 “Ria, Love my hair! Please put in my notes what you did for my bangs and haircut. Looks and feels great!”~Ronny
“Love my hair.. went to Home Depot got compliments!!  And at GNO last night!  Ria you are such a special person!”  ~Marilyn
“Thanks Ria ! Love️ my hair!” ~Carol
1/21/18 “Ria I love my hair! I forgot what it felt like to have layers”~ Danielle
“Thank you so much Ria !!! You’re such wonderful person!!!” ~Vicky
“Ria, My hair color is perfect.” ~Rita
“Love my hair!! I turn to end the day and go to bed “full” in every regard–and in the ways that matter most–having spent delightful time with a wonderful human being–you!  Ria, Thank you, thank you!” ~Nancy
“Everybody in group liked my cut!
It looks great with the curls.  I really like it. Thanks so much Ria!”  ~Sharon
“Ria, We come to you because you are good,  you are genuine and honest in your assessment of our hair. Loved you and continue to love you and your skills and all you do to keep us looking gorgeous!! Thanks for all these years”
️~ Jill
“Thanks for the awesome hair cut and it was so good to see you Ria!” ~Noah
“Ria Thank you for trying to accommodate the lunar cycle hair-cutting days. 🙂
So far so good. :)” ~Robyn
12/23/17 “I have gotten SO many compliments on my hair!  Jon LOVES it!” ~Tina
12/14/17 “I can’t believe my hair is still curly from this morning! Ria, It was great seeing you again!” ~Janet
“Many compliments to you my dear♡♡♡ I am loving my hair ♡♡♡”  ~Jenna
12/14/17 “Ria! You did it again! My hair turned out fantastic, I love it!  Thank you”️~Kathy
Ria. Lovee my hair!!! Thank you so much! ~Emily
“Big hug and thanks a million, again, for your investment  in me tonight of time, energy, and skill. I love the outcome! Think the world of you, Ria and appreciate you so much.” ~Nancy
“Ria, Great new color.  Love it.  Lots of compliments!” ~Lynn
11/23/17 “Hi Ria,  Just letting you know I’m enjoying my last hair cut and it’s received lots of compliments. Also confirming my next appt. And wondering if I could book my older two girls in for hair cuts, brows and maybe some highlights during the Xmas holidays.” -Audrey
“Ria -Thanks for the highlight and haircut yesterday – I love it!”  –  Denise
“Ria, I Washed the henna yesterday eve. It covered the grey well. I’m happy” ~Donna
11/18/17 “Ria! Please remember how u cut my hair today.  By far….best haircut ever!Love love it” ~Lynn
“Always enjoy the flavored water Ria offers and the relaxation she brings to my cuts and colors.” ~Heather
“My two daughters and I were in town for a wedding and we needed our hair done, so we found Ria and her adorable ‘Cottage Style Salon’.  We felt like we had stumbled onto a Goldmine.  What a find!!  What a neat atmosphere: the smell of essential oils and natural ingredients permeated the air.  We felt like royalty as she tended to us and did our hair according to the pictures we brought in.  She paid attention to detail and made any necessary changes along the way of doing each of our hairstyles.  One of my daughters was in the wedding party and everyone kept asking her ‘who did your hair? It’s amazing!!’  Anytime we come back to Colorado Springs, we are definitely coming back to Alive Beauty Company to see Ria”! ~Brenda
“Great cottage style salon with tons of personal attention to detail! Ria was so personable and kind, we felt like we already knew her.” ~ Brenda
11/8/17 “Your great Ria love the hair cut.” ~Elsie
“Ria Thx for the great haircut :-)”  John
“Ria Did I tell you I love my hair?!” ~Rita
“My hair is growing out very well. I like it, good hair experts are hard to find and sometimes hard to keep. Relief is just a text away! Ria, Thanks for getting me in as soon as I get back to town.” ~Barbara
“Ria I’ve had like 10 people tell me they love my hair color today and one co-worker had to take a picture so she could show her hairdresser (tried to talk her into coming to you but she lives in Denver and is only occasionally down here).” ~Charolette
10/24/17 “Ria Love my haircut!” ~Sandra
“Looking fabulous!  Thank you Ria!” ~ Julie D
“It was so good to see you ria and thank you, we both love our hair!!” ~Gina
Ria…. I miss my girl. I got a terrible haircut. Cant wait to see you in January when I get back in town.” ~Noah
“Rayna has been talking nonstop about how much she loves her hair! Still looks super cute after air drying!” ~Kelley
“Thanks, Ria… Ian really likes his haircut! (I do, too!)” ~Sandy
“Ria I love it!!!!” ~Sharon
“So… Ria I have been debating on if I should come in at some point to have my hair touched up.  I LOVE the way it is fading though! LOL So, I am going to just keep watching the color change  LOL” ~Rachel
I love my haircut! Not sure if I am as cute, but it looks great to me. Ria, thanks for your expertise and friendship” ~ Barb
“Ria my hair has been great,  I can see the red and love it.” ~Cerian
Loving my hair! Ria Thank you! ~Cody
6/15/17 “Hi Ria! I’m loving the new cut and hair tips you gave me My hair is so light and bouncy” ~ Desarae
“Good morning Ria!  I LOVE my highlights and cut!  So thankful I found you!  Here is a pic of the hairspray I use.  Some is hard to read.  Brand is Herbal Choice Mari. No gross, vegan, & cruelty free.  Have a great weekend!” -Beth
“Hi Ria, I just wanted to say thx for the great hair cuts and let you know we got lots of compliments, especially Iris!!  Thx also for our marathon appt, not easy with 2 energetic girls in one small studio!!  Have a great summer and see you in August !!” -Audrey
“Hi Ria, thanks again for the hair coloring on Saturday. I got a bunch of compliments yesterday! Thanks again!” ~Melanie
“Thanks again, Ria. I am enjoying my hair!” ~Judith
“Ria always does an outstanding job with styling my hair. She is a whiz with color!”~ Kirby
“I feel fancy 🙂 thanks Ria!” ~Kim
“Ria, thanks for being willing to listen and ease my mind with getting a new hair cut and trying a new hair coloring.” ~Heather
“Good Saturday morning Ria!  Loving my haircut.  One of the best! 🙂  Color is also great” ~ Nancy
“Simply stated…Ria is phenomenal! I’ve gone to her for 20 years; my two grown daughters and granddaughters also go to Ria for all their hair care and styling…she is genuine and authentic in everything she does. We actually flew her out to Monterey California for our daughter’s wedding…to do the bridal party hair, and more so, just to be a part of our family celebration! She’s a sweetheart…a true professional who is always striving to improve her skills and keep up with the latest styles and trends…she puts honesty and integrity first in her business and personal life too…we have loved her for all these years! Best of luck to you dear Ria…may success and happiness continue to bless your life! Hugs” – Jill Kluge
“Hair is so cute!  Looks like a great cut.  And the color is great, too!  THANK YOU, again, so much, for coming in today, bad weather and all!! Ria, I Appreciate you!” ~Nancy
Hey Ria.  Thanks for the the hot haircut. My husband won’t stop saying ” damn you’re hot” lol. ~J
We moved here nearly 4 years ago and after some disappointing experiences at other salons I have finally found “my” stylist! I’ve had some pretty dodgy haircuts here before a chance meeting with Ria…now she has my hair back on track. My hair is wavy and often it seems other stylists get a bit too enthusiastic with thinning shears. Thanks goodness Ria is an expert with wavy and curly hair, so she just uses her good mojo and I leave her salon with a quality cut that stays looking great a very long time. I also appreciate that she uses only clean products. I don’t go often to see Ria because her hair cuts hold up and I’m growing out my hair…but I swear I’ll never go anyplace else in Colorado Springs!~Deb
Oh Ria FYI J’s most recent haircut gave me flashbacks to when I first met her. HOT!!! You did a great job~E
Every time I leave Ria’s studio I feel confident, healthy, and beautiful! My mother and I have been going to Ria for over ten years now. I even live in New York and I still only get my hair done by her in Colorado Springs because there is no one better! She recently started dying my hair a beautiful red and I get compliments on it all the time. Ria is professional and has a brilliantly creative eye for design and organic hair care. I highly recommend Alive Beauty Company. ~Marissa
Ria, I’m having a fabulous hair day thanks to you! Hope you are well  ~Kim
Thanks Ria, so much for my cut and color on Tuesday! I love how it turned out. I’m really loving the pure plant color. Thanks, Nicole
Ria is the best Hairdresser I have ever been to. She has cut my hair for 19 years. She always has a vision what will look best for me when I wanted to make a change. She is patient, kind and thoughtful. She fights hard for her causes without compromising quality. She does her part to reach her vision for a non toxic world and is more than willing to give her time and energy to charitable causes. She is a MUST if you want the best!! ~Barbie
Hi Ria- made it home – thanks again – love the color and all the effort and work you have done to make organic plant hair coloring possible. ~Mary
I LOVE my haircut!
Thanks so much Ria ~Lynn
Ria, It’s the haircut! I love my haircut  ~Rie
11/2/16 Ria, thank you for my cut and plant color. I really like it and I enjoyed talking with you ~Fran
10/13/16 Ria makes me look beautiful! ~ Sharon
Ria, my husband said “nice du, I like it!”  Thank you, I really like it too! ~Kathy
Thank you again Ria, so many the compliments, you always make me look fly. ~ Lisa
Ria, I wanted to tell you how very much I love my cut.  Thank you SO much!  Again, a pleasure meeting you and looking forward to my next cut.  Have a good week.  ~Lynn
Thanks again, Ria! Love it! ~Judith
It’s a lovely place, great location and you will be amazed by the plant based products Ria uses! ~Ava
I got to visit my friend Ria Hurst @ Alive Beauty Company today for my final hair cut for a year <3 COS friends Ria has opened a one of a kind TRULY organic salon! The products she uses, sells, and even her plant color has ZERO synthetics! Super cute place (I even got to bring my girls) and she does an amazing job pampering you! Check her out! ~Marrisa
Love the new space. Ria is an amazing person and phenomenal stylist! ~Tanda
I love my hair!!!!! I’m so happy. Thank you Ria! ~Katy
Ria, I got a lot of compliments on my hair at work last night and my Finland family this morning. I love it! ~Asa
7/25/16 Loving the cut and the gel u gave me, thanks, Ria ~Crystal
Girl! Hair is on point! So many compliments!!! Thanks so much Ria for everything!! For my hair, cheering me on, but most of all for being such a wonderful friend! ️ you!!! ~Ronny
Ria, It’s the first chance I’ve gotten to let you know how much I love my hair.  I even woke up with cute hair! Thanks for being so patient with my Diva hair. What a nice change new hair is,  makes me look thinner and younger too! ~Linda
What an awesome place, and truly reflective of Ria’s professional philosophies.  Don’t miss it!  She’s a really awesome stylist and meticulous in her work. ~Julia
Ria thanks for the beautiful hairdo! ~Bunny
I don’t like my hair Ria…. I LOVE IT, haha.
I went to the Manitou Springs Farmers Market and ran into a few parents from Mountain Song. They complimented my hair and I told them that you did it.  C asked me to take out her clip in extensions out last night. But first thing in the morning she asked me to put some in. She is wearing the pink one. She too received many compliments. ~Jenna
7/7/16 Ria Thank you for Savannah’s new look. She loves it and it looks healthy!  ~Shannon
Thank you Jesus for Ria! After struggling for several years to find a stylist, Ria is a breathe of fresh air. She knows me and knows my hair. Ria makes me look beautiful! Ria is an expert in her field.
My hair cut is fun and everyone loves it!! ~Valerie
Hey, just wanted to tell you that my hair feels so wonderfully soft and silky. First wash today since Thursday. Just thought I’d share. Like, noticeably lovely to the touch. more of that, please Ria.:) ~Rachelle
Ria I’ve been bragging on you-have your ears been burning ?? So many. Compliments from staff & patients 🙂
Ria…. Sarah’s hair looks awesome! ~Vicky
Ria’s thee best, I travel from the southeast of Florida just to see her. ~Mary
Ria, Thank you for doing my hair for prom! I love it. ~Brandi
Brandi LOVES her balyage and prom style! Everyone thought she was so beautiful! Will post pics for you & text them to you in the next few days 🙂 Thank you!~ Rachel
Hi Ria. It’s Val from yesterday. I LOVE my hair and so does Bruce.Thanks ~Val
Good morning Ria! Good to have time with you last night.  Thank you so much for making a space on your schedule to cut AND color my hair.  Just finished doing it. Really great job!  I really like both the color and the cut!  And SUCH an improvement over how I walked in!! Have a good day–making people happy all day long! ~Nancy
 Today my little girl decided she wanted her hair short. 5 inches off and here she is. Too adorable!! Thanks Ria we love it 🙂 ~Holly
Henna and a haircut in exchange for moccasins and skirt, I would say that that was a fair fun trade! Thank you lady! ~Tiffany
Received quite a few compliments on my hair today at the school. Told everyone it was you!!! Thanks again Ria….I love it. ~ Shannon
Ria, My new blonde and cut are Great! I love it. Thank you. ️ ~Jessica
What a lovely way to start my day! Ria you are a uniquely gifted person. ~Joyce.
 Hi Ria! My hair is sooo rockin!!!! Friends like it, husband really likes it – and I feel great!! I even reproduced it today! Thank you. ~Sarah C
 Ria Loving the new do great and easy. ~Laurel
Ria I Love the color!!! ~Rie
Omg I looooove my cut and silver color!!! Love it! Kurt loves it….we love it…I feel reborn after all these months!
Thank you Ria! ! ! Xxxoooo ~Jill
Best hairdresser in Colorado Springs. Being going to her for many years. Always makes my hair look good. Thanks bunches Ria  ~Sunni
Ria I LOVE my haircut!! Anxious to see you tomorrow with such great company!! ~Kay
Ria I love the hair cut. Perfect!!!!~Sandra
Life is more beautiful when you meet the right hairdresser, Ria have a great day! ~Jenna
Ria Hurst rocks!  Thank you, Ria, for rescuing my hair!  Anyone who needs a great haircut (even if you have curly hair!), Ria is the best! ~Sandy
Ria Rocks!!! Great haircut, very nice, easy to talk to. Ria gives great men’s haircuts. I will go back.
Ria five stars for you! Ria she walked me through the process and was very helpful and very friendly and I will be going back again and again.